Tips when buying a used car

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tips when buying a used car - This helps you determine a value before viewing the car. You need to find out if there is a reason why they are selling other than they got a new car. and than :

Tips when buying a used car

(Ask) Who was this vehicle bought from?
The best answer is the seller is the original owner. (Regardless of prior ownership, always get a CarFax report.) All the maintenance records should be available. Plus, you don’t have to worry about salvage titles from original owners, typically.

Where was this car bought?
This is a crucial fact to know – not just if it was bought from a dealer, but what state. Some states are very lenient about what defines a salvage title or allow vehicles to be sold from state-to-state without concerns for the used car’s past history. An owner could be the original owner, but move from another state and wash the title of a salvaged car. Also, a car’s geographical background can indicate the likelihood of specific weather related problems, such as cold winters in North Dakota or hot, baking summers in Arizona.

How long of a test drive can I take?
Obviously you never, ever buy a used car without a test drive, even though my dad did buy a new car once this way. No reputable seller will deny you a test drive. Most, though, will ask you to limit it to less than 30 minutes. Anything longer than that makes a private seller nervous, especially if he or she needs the car for transportation.

Are you willing to let me get this inspected independently?
Any hesitation on the part of the seller should set of warning bells in your head. Don’t be swayed if the seller says no or tries to hard sell you on the car. The only answer you want to hear is, “Sure, no problem.”

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